The objective of the project is the implementation of the High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) Lost-Core (LC) technology for the manufacturing and commercialization of a new Closed-Deck Aluminium Block for the M9T Diesel Engine, one of the next generation Euro 7 engines of Renault. The aim is to bring the HPDC-LC technology, which is currently at TRL 6 up to TRL9 for market take up. For this purpose during the project (2016-2017) the new Closed-Deck Aluminium product and the HPDC-LC process will be validated for the capacity of manufacturing 2.000 blocks in a continuous manner. The objective of the project and the consortium is extended by 12 months for market activities to meet a commitment to provide Renault with 75.000 units by 2019 under an exclusivity agreement. From this date on, the consortium will be free to address other customers.

During the project, a business model and an specific plan for the production of 1Million new blocks in the following 6 years, which implies more than 100 new qualified jobs and incomes over 150M€ for the consortium, will be validated.