Work Packages

The general sketch of the project can be seen on the figure on the right. WP1 is devoted to the management, coordination and dissemination activities and will establish a quality and coordination plan that will be implemented for the project development ensuring the achievement of the objectives in the most efficient way. In WP2 the three technological lines (manufacturing of ceramic cores, HPDC-LC of aluminium engine blocks and de-coring of these blocks) will be addressed in order to obtain a product that reaches the TRL7. This WP will end with the manufacturing of 50 prototypes, 23 of which will then be used in WP4 for carrying out different tests and validate the product. At the same time, in WP3 the process of fabricating a cleaned closed deck aluminium engine block will be optimized and validated for mass production, reaching at the end of this WP the TRL8. Finally, a business model will be prepared and validated with the capacity of manufacturing and introducing into the market around 200.000 units of the developed product per year as explained in previous sections.