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FerroČrtalič has been devoted to the field of Surface Treatment Technologies for already three generations, which all together contributed to more than 50-years of experiences in providing technological solutions in sandblasting and industrial surface cleaning technologies. The company FerroČrtalič specializes in engineering complete custom made solutions for unique and most demanding challenges in the surface treatment industry.

FerroČrtalič was established in 1964 as a private workshop, but has through the years developed into a well-known global company. The know-how gained through more than 50 years of devotion to innovation and excellence establishes FerroČrtalič as one of the leading companies worldwide in developing complex custom-made solutions, production machineries and services in the most demanding sectors of surface finishing industry. Our FerroECOBlast solutions are distinguishes from competition on the market by comprising superior added value, which is based on our commitment to overcome customers’ expectations and cherish their long-term satisfaction with us and our products. World known reputation of our brand FerroECOBlast was achieved by helping our partners all over the world in solving problems regarding surface treatment. We understand excellence as top level designed and 100% reliable equipment and therefore we closely cooperate with various universities, institutes and development teams. Our diverse production programme ranges from basic sand blasting to advanced automated and robotic systems. We offer the following solutions:

  • Automated, robotized and manual blasting (Sand/Shot blasting)
  • Hardening the surface (Shot peening)
  • Cleaning with Dry ice & CO₂ Snow blasting
  • Decontamination – UHP water cleaning and dry cleaning

In CORE 4.0 project FerroČrtalič will mainly be focused on development of technology for removal of ceramic cores from the cast engine blocks as well as development and design of new equipment for the de-coring. The culminated de-coring equipment will be based on the high pressure waterjet technology, which is currently used mainly for surface cleaning purposes.

People working in the project: