Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation

TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first privately funded Applied Research Centre in Spain and one of the leading such centres in Europe. With our 1,434 highly-qualified employees, a 100 million Euros turnover and a portfolio with over 4,000 clients, TECNALIA is determined to change its way of working with companies to promote the transformation of knowledge into wealth.

TECNALIA is the leading private and independent research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, employing 1434 people (202 of whom are PhD holders) and with an income of 99,4M€ in 2014. Tecnalia operates in all the fields of today and tomorrow’s industry: Industry and Transport, Information and Communication Technologies, Building, Energy and Environment, Innovation Systems and Health and Quality of Life. Tecnalia is very active in FP7, participating in 377 projects and coordinating 81 of them and it is also very active in H2020, participating in 42 projects and coordinating 7 of them. In the field of Intellectual Property Rights, Tecnalia has 29 patents pending in 2014, 58 patents granted and 5 patents licensed, with a return of 3,2M€ per year. CORE 4.0 project will be developed mainly in the Industry and Transport Division. This division is focused on the design, manufacturing, maintenance and end-of-life of industrial products and services, for the improvement of its clients’ competitiveness in the following strategic sectors: foundry and steelmaking, machine-tooling, automotive, aerospace, aeronautics, railway, construction, manufacturing and food industry. Specifically, the project will be developed jointly by the following areas:

  • The foundry and steelmaking area, with a large experience in the design of new alloys with improved properties and in the modeling and development of processes of aluminium manufacturing for improving the product quality and reducing costs, time and environmental impact.
  • The aeronautics area, in which some of the people is specialized in the development of ceramic materials with improved mechanical properties.
  • The advanced manufacturing area, focused in the development of new equipments for new applications in the industrial field.

People working in the project: