Rauschert Italia S.r.l.

Rauschert Italia is a member of the German group Rauschert (http://www.rauschert.com), an independent technology company with 1.200 employees in 14 countries (mainly Europe, Asia and North America) and a yearly turnover of € 100 Mio. With more than 115 years of experience in the ceramic industry, we see ourselves as problem solver for the industry, offering a broad range of products and services.

Rauschert Italia focusses in ceramic products for applications such as ceramic components for railway, foundry and dental applications. Our group specializes in the production of technical ceramics, plastic molded parts and hybrid components for a wide range of industries. We always strive to bring new and innovative products onto the market:

  • Ceramic prototypes in 3D precision through ultrasonic methods
  • Composite modules and hybrids (ceramics, plastics and metal)
  • Ceramic coatings on metal supports or full ceramic parts for applications that require high wear resistance, electrical or thermal insulation
  • High temperature heating elements for use in analytical applications, general industry, or heating technology ( e.g. igniters for wooden pellets)
  • Ceramic nanofiltration membranes and supports for the separation of various materials in harsh environments (AcerS Award 2015, American Ceramic Society)
  • Energy management systems for energy and process monitoring on an industrial scale

In addition, we offer a number of services to our customers:

  • Material development and production, tool design and construction
  • Prototyping, serial production and module assembly
  • Development and manufacturing of automation technology systems
  • Consulting and project management

Rauschert products are used in various industries, such as:

  • Energy technology, especially renewable energies (fuse bodies, ignition systems, switches, PV systems)
  • Engineering (textile industry, food processing, filtration, pumps, special machinery)
  • Analysis and laboratory equipment (needles, pumps, high voltage insulators, valve components)
  • Medical technology (orthopaedics, dental, dialysis, endoscopy)

Our goal is to build reliable long-term relationships with our customers by offering high quality, good service and custom-made solutions.

People working in the project: